Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I bring US dollars or take local currency out of the ATM.
    I recommend you bring some US dollars and have your ATM card as that is where you get the best exchange rate. Only use the Bank run ATM machines in the Banks secure area, Mega Store is safe. Make sure you call your credit card company and tell them that you will be in Cozumel, Mexico or the first purchase you make could be your last until you talk to them.
  • OK, the real pirates of the Caribbean, the taxi drivers.
    I would note there are some honest taxi drivers but unfortunately they are in the minority. I have so many bad experiences where you get a price and then it doubles or even triples by the time your arrive at your destination or you end up at a completely different destination than you asked for. So, now my form of transportation is just walk or rent a scooter (max. $25/day) or car (Max. $45/day with basic insurance. Otherwise just walk. From Peurta Maya the GPS mileage is about 4km 1 way to downtown Cozumel and takes about 30 minutes to 3/4 hour. It is a pleasant walk with places to stop on the way. My advise, if you can avoid the taxi's in Mexico and especially Cozumel or if you have lots of cash that then lets the chips fall where they may. But don't be surprised if you leave mad or end up walking back after they deliver you to Timbuktu.
  • Time shares
    Avoid if you can but don't every buy one. Just buy some real estate or just rent.
  • High electrical bills.
    Most long term rentals charge extra for power but power is about 30 cents per kwh, so be careful with AC. Some inflate the bills so you should keep a log of your power meter and tell them that when you arrive. Compare logs and it will be harder for them to rip you off. Or if you are flush with cash well who cares. We didn't log our power and our bill at the end was $1,200 USD in a month actually more than the rent, funny that that was our damage deposit and yes we got ripped off. Also power is very high in Cozumel after you use so much it comes in at over 30 cents per KEH. Deal with reputable la landlords. But all in all be carefull with the AC, shut it off when you go out. You or the landlord will have to pay the bill.
  • Tripadvisor Health and Safety
    Cozumel is one of the safest travel destinations in Mexico and may be one of the safest. places for travelers all across the world. The people of Cozumel are friendly, the government of Cozumel is legitimate and the area is designed with the needs of tourists in mind. Nevertheless, common sense precautions should always be taken when traveling, especially when traveling to a new location or foreign destination.

    Crime: Luckily, crime is almost non-existent in Cozumel, which is not true of many Mexican vacation spots. Violent crime is rare and travelers don’t need to worry about it at all. Pick pocketing and purse snatching are slightly more common so normal precautions should be taken, including carrying very little cash, keeping wallets in front pockets and remaining aware of your surroundings. Still, there is very little to fear in Cozumel.

    Driving: Driving on Cozumel is as easy as back home, but be careful to keep your distance from the cars ahead of you. Taxi drivers especially like to follow too close then make sudden stops or turns without signaling and cause most of the accidents. Stop signs and traffic lights are often just taken under advisement by natives and not necessarily obeyed, so be sure to be defensive in your driving when approaching intersections, even if you don't have the stop sign and the other street does. If you want to rent a vehicle, it's much safer to rent a car if you can afford it instead of a scooter or moped. It's also much dryer and less dusty if it rains or you're on a dirt road.

    Eating and Drinking: Everyone knows that “you don’t drink the water in Mexico” and that’s probably a good rule to follow in Cozumel, but that's not enough. Be very careful when eating buffet style food (especially at all-inclusive resorts) that you eat the food as soon as the servers put it out on the steam tables. It's very easy to get food poisoning from these buffets because the foods are not kept at the right temperatures and spoil quickly. Some places will also mix leftover foods with fresh made foods, and that spells disaster for the tummy. Bottled water is an absolute must, even for brushing your teeth. It is also suggested that you eat at restaurants which use bottled water to prepare their food, as well as purified water used in their ice cubes. For a list of such restaurants, visit .

    For more information about various health and safety recommendations applicable to all travelers to Cozumel, visit .

    Medical Emergencies

    Let's hope you don't need these services, but if you do, then here is your contact information and locations. Cozumel has a number of basic life support ambulances and two small hospitals.

    These aren't the exact addresses, but will get you within eyesight of them. Unlike the USA, very few places have a street address on them. The street intersections are good enough for finding these locations. Cozumel Medical Center (aka: CMC): 872-5370 On Calle 1 South (Sur), between Avenidas 50th and 55th or about 2 blocks west of Avenida 65th on Calle 1 South. (101 Sur 1 Corner of Avenida 50) English speaking Doctors. For accidents requiring advanced emergency treatment such as broken bones, head injury, anything requiring stitches, cardiac treatment, diabetic & allergic reactions, medivac, etc. ***

    Clinica San Miguel: 872-0103 or 872-0140
    Clinica San Miguel is on Calle 6 Norte between Aves. 5 & 10. Has very good emergency room service and able to treat most any injury or illness. Specialists available for gastrointestinal upset or other internal medicine treatment. ENT (ear, nose/sinus, throat), dive recompression, medivac. ***

    Buceo Medico Mexicano Hyperbaric Chamber: 872-1430
    Buceo Medico Mexicano (BMM) Clinic is also known as the "SSS" or the Cozumel Recompression Center. (Three names, one location!)

    It's on Calle 5 Sur between Melgar and Ave. 5. Ear, nose and throat, dive recompression, flu & colds, gastrointestinal upset, medivac. ***

    Cozumel Red Cross: 987-872-1058 On Avenida 65 South and Calle 25 (renamed Calle Lourdes Castilla) -- near the new sports complex & one block north of the San Francisco supermarket. Ambulance service, pediatrics, dentistry, internal medicine, laboratory, nebulization, first aid, physical exams, injections. Diabetics can check blood sugar & receive insulin. ***

    Centro de Salud, the General Hospital, which primarily treats Mexican nationals but all are welcome and you often will be treated by the same doctors from the private hospitals. On Calle 11 South (Sur) near the intersection with Avenida 20 South(Sur) 24 hours Av. *** This might be worth printing and sticking in your wallet. All give referrals to specialists. (Thanks to ds2 for the specialties each offer.)
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